What people said

Over the years we’ve had some great feedback from attendees, partners and exhibitors. Some are listed below.


“It was a wonderful event and I met some fantastic people with great energy and ideas”



“There was a nice balance between learning about start up companies and then from more established companies that had faced challenges that the small starts up would inevitably face”



“Out of dinner I got a meeting with a lawyer, got some excellent and practical advice on fund-raising. Very good for networking: met a succession of interesting and useful people”



“It was a great networking opportunity. Were some very good presentations about social media”



“Excellent day. Met many of the people I wanted to see. Also useful new folks. Enjoyed the Moulton presentation. Driving the Mini was even better than I expected. And the weather wasn’t bad either!”



“Overall a great event and slightly fewer attendees improved the event as it meant that it was easier to find exactly who I needed to see. It is a great event to catch up with people you dont see on a regular basis. Several clients had made good progress at the event”



“Loved the buzz surrounding Venturefest and the easy opportunities to meet innovators in the region. High Growth’s novel approach to the recruitment and development of talent was clearly an interesting message to people. I’ll be back next year!”



“The concentrated one day, with lots going on in parallel, and an excellent venue, delivered the best Venturefest ever. Congratulations to the organisers who had the courage to change the formula!”



“Venturefest felt more focused and dynamic. The proximity of session rooms made it much easier to just pop in rather than some previous years where it’s been a five minute walk and search for the relevant room”



“Venturefest is very good at actually placing one in a situation where you need to know everything about the company from a number of differing viewpoints. It makes one think more effectively about the overall strategy of the company. One thought for Venturefest is “How do people find out about it?” We found out through Lucius but other than that we would not have known about it. We tend to use the internet to search, so key words such as “capital fund raising” should point to Venturefest to gain our attention”



“It was useful and interesting in helping decide what we wanted to do. It was good to present to people who wanted to invest. The right people were in the room and although we didn’t take investment it made us realise that we should grow cash from earnings and then use this to develop our own portfolio. Our progress has been slower because of it but it was the right decision. Venturefest helped us in this decision”