Oxford Space Structures

Oxford Space Structures (OSS) was formed in 2013 following an initiative from University of Oxford and European Space Agency (ESA) to identify commercial applications for ESA patents. OSS is now developing the concept of using satellite deploying structures to build an ultra lightweight and easily deployable baby travel cot ,or “SpaceCot”TM. We have been awarded the 1st prize from Future Business Competition (University of Oxford/ESA), £2,000 Legal Support Prize from Tata Idol Competition (Said Business School, Oxford), finalist of ‘Silicon Valley comes to UK’ and ‘Skolokov’ business competition (Said Business School), and £40,000  financial support and incubation assistance from ESA.


OSS has started operations from ESA Harwell Incubator from May 2013. As a fast-growing company, we have built an in-house team of research, engineering, marketing and technical support, while partnering with university academics, baby product designers, local manufacturers and babycare retailers to develop the prototype. Our initial design concept has been developed in Department of Engineering at University of Oxford, and has attracted institutional investors and industry attention. To position as a company that developed smart space structures for domestic applications, OSS is also exploring a wider range of areas from ESA technologies